Customer Need:

A further processor was seeking a cost effective protein base for creating a quality chicken salad. They decided to use traditional chicken logs for their shredded chicken to be incorporated in chicken salad application. However, they found out that traditional chicken logs were not able to shred effectively & efficiently with their existing processing capabilities. The customer reached out to Deli Star to create a chicken product that could be shredded efficiently without compromising nutritional and quality attributes of their current product.

Deli Star Solution: 

Deli Star team of chefs and food scientists were excited to help our customer make a highly efficient product without sacrificing any quality. Deli Star Innovation Process begins by evaluating customer’s processing capabilities and determining the critical factors to design a product to meet customer’s demands. Because of customer’s unique processing requirements, very quickly we realized that none of our existing products would meet their need. We decided that we would need to create a custom product.


For this opportunity we decided to apply our years of experience, testing and results.  Once we defined and articulated the “Opportunity” our customer presented, we prepared a product development plan for making “Rotisserie Chicken Breast” logs that would break apart (shred) more efficiently by the equipment currently being used by the customer. We had two objectives for this opportunity: product reformulation and cooking process. Our main objective in product reformulation was to develop optimal textural attributes that would produce desirable outcome through customer’s shredding process without compromising product quality attributes while staying within customer’s requirements on added ingredients and nutritional profile. Our second goal was to work on processing techniques and parameters. We have developed a proprietary Sous vide process, based on our experience that a longer cook time at lower temperature will form a product with a unique texture that breaks apart easily without compromising product integrity.


With our years of industrial deli log making experience & expertise along with collaboration with our valued customer and with several rounds of test trials we achieved both of our established objectives. With our knowledge and understanding of science behind ingredients functionality, we developed an optimum product formulation combined with the right cooking process created the optimal textural attributes needed for producing proper shredded chicken. Also, we were successful in developing product cooking parameters, combination of time & temperature, necessary for optimal interactions of all ingredients including chicken breast.  The Deli Star team was able to increase our customer’s existing processing capabilities & shredding efficiency for “Rotisserie Chicken Breast” logs.


In the end, we were successful in providing our customer a solution to increase their processing efficiency while improving line-time, raw material and overall cost. With our innovative product and process development process we were able to move the project through the various stages of product development and deliver the solution within the customer’s expected timeline. We contribute our success to our well qualified & talented team members, our collective technical expertise and scientific approach, and collaboration with our customer. This success is one more feather in our already well decorated innovation hat!


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