Located in downtown St. Louis, our innovation center (SLIC) demonstrates our commitment to food research and development. We understand that no company is the same when it comes to what they’re looking for in a deli meat product. That’s why we’ve created an entire innovation center focused around finding new and inventive ways to meet customer needs.


It’s common in our industry for large deli meat production companies to get stuck in their ways, providing the same flavor options year after year. There’s no fault in this system, but we feel that you deserve more. That’s why we’ve made it our goal to continuously push the boundaries of the industry by combining culinary and scientific expertise to engineer a product like no other. We do this by hiring top culinary professionals to experiment with all sorts of complex flavor combinations. We also provide special services ranging from ideation sessions to large, complex search projects designed to help unlock your company’s potential.


Ideation Sessions

Deli Star Ideation Sessions are the key to staying ahead of ever-changing consumer trends and growing your business. Work with Executive Chef Jared Case and discover new opportunities to expand your product offering.


These sessions include:


  • A full day of one-on-one interaction with our chefs and scientists
  • Product ideation, conceptualization and commercialization techniques from our industry experts
  • 6 different products each with up to 3 variables (18 products total)
  • A summary report of results and specific steps needed to advance items forward to a pilot production testing

Capabilities Presentation

Let us show you our capabilities with our proteins in your products. Allow us to demonstrate how they will enhance your products from both a food safety and consumer standpoint.



R & D Services

We can provide you with helpful market research and strategies to help you appeal to your consumers.


These services include:


  • Working directly with our team of chefs for a half day to test recipes and ingredient combinations of up to 4 variables
  • Producing a small quantity of samples
  • Providing a summary of results and specific steps necessary to scale the product up to an ideation session or pilot production run

R&D Benchtop

Shelf-Life Testing

Quality Attribute Testing

Pilot Production Testing

Sensory Panel And Focus Groups


Our research and development services have provided our clients with the tools and information they need to be successful. See for yourself by looking through a few of our case studies.


Case Study – Rotisserie Chicken Breast

April 23, 2019

Customer Need: A further processor was seeking a cost effective protein base for creating a quality chicken salad. They decided to use traditional chicken logs for their shredded chicken to be incorporated in chicken salad application. However, they found out that traditional chicken logs were not able to shred effectively & efficiently with their existing…

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