The Truth About Eating Meat

October 10, 2019

Eulogizing the trends of any given year typically happens in the last few weeks of December, but 2019 will be remembered for two widespread phenomena: an overly sensitized social atmosphere where the fear of offending has stifled honesty, followed closely by an assault on eating meat.   Read the full article here!

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Meal Kits Could Offer Untapped Revenue Stream for Restaurants

August 20, 2019

From catering to pick-up windows and third-party delivery, restaurants are adapting their store operations and design to maximize lucrative off-premise opportunities. But restaurants have overlooked one touch point: meal kits.   See the full article here!  

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The Demand for Low Sugar Foods, Low Sodium Foods and More

July 15, 2019

A recent Gallup poll reported that 51% of all adults are actively trying to avoid sugar in their diets, 50% are avoiding fat and 42% are avoiding salt. Instead, consumers are looking for “permissible indulgence”—foods that taste indulgent but that consumers are “allowed” to eat as part of a healthy, balanced lifestyle.   Read more…

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Make My Meal Clean Label

July 3, 2019

Many American consumers have made it clear that they don’t want artificial sweeteners, colors or preservatives, nor do they want genetically modified ingredients and highly processed products. According to, they’re also trying to avoid unpronounceable ingredients in the foods they eat—all of which has led food and beverage manufacturers to reformulate many of their…

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Case Study – Rotisserie Chicken Breast

April 23, 2019

A further processor was seeking a cost effective protein base for creating chicken salad. A typical chicken log for shredding was not able to be shredded efficiently within their process so we developed a product to fit their process needs while meeting all of their nutritional claims and ingredient requirements.   Our team of chefs…

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