Over the years, Deli Star’s chefs and scientists have been continually researching and implementing new technologies that extend the refrigerated shelf-life of value-added meats as well as take the labor, utilities, and overhead out of the back of the restaurant of our strategic partners. Our Simple Promise® line of products are chef-crafted and hand-cut with your consumers’ health and happiness in mind.


To achieve this, our Simple Promise® products are seared or grilled on both sides to lock in flavor and natural juices. The proteins are then sous-vide, a french term meaning “under vacuum”, which cooks the meat in a water bath at the perfect temperature to ensure optimal taste, texture and appearance. Chicken Breasts are available in 3 flavors: Sea Salt & Cracked pepper, Lemon Rosemary, and Italian.



Protein Highlights


48518      NAE Chicken Breast, Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper (5 oz.)

48528     NAE Chicken Breast, Lemon Rosemary (5 oz.)

47318       NAE Grilled Chicken Breast, Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper (whole)


48416      Turkey Breast, Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper (whole)


48019      Beef Steak, Kosher Salt and Cracked Pepper  (whole)


48515      Pork Loin, Sea Salt and Cracked Pepper (whole)

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